Choosing a Living Room Curtain

Living room curtains are a big part of your living room color scheme. You can choose between a sheer, pleated chiffon curtain or a full sheet. You can even pick one with wide stripes. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you choose the right hanging method for your windows. In addition to the type of material, you should also think about the 커튼레일설치 style of the heading.

Pleated chiffon

Pleated chiffon curtains are available in several colors and designs. Most are 48 to 50 inches wide, and the length can be adjusted to fit your windows. Megan Hersch, founder of Studio MG Interiors and RoomLift, recommends sizing them by measuring from the top of the window frame to the floor. Then, add 1.5 inches to the length for a more dramatic look.

This fabric is an excellent choice for the living room, as it can be used as an accent piece and match the primary color of the room. Its two-toned lattice fabric pattern provides interesting details without looking too busy. If you have a small living room, a two-toned chiffon curtain will make it seem larger.

You can also choose to have your curtains custom-made if you prefer. However, you may have limited fabric choices if you buy pre-made curtains. A custom-made curtain will allow you to choose the exact fabric you want.


Whether your living room has high ceilings or is drab, a silk living room curtain can add drama and elegance. A heavy silk drape can add old Hollywood glamour, while a sheer silk curtain will give a room a laid back, airy feel. The best way to style your silk living room curtains is to match them with the rest of your living room’s decor.

Silk curtains are available in a variety of styles and colors. You can choose a sheer or opaque panel, depending on the amount of light you want to let in. You can also choose puddled curtains to add a dreamy feel. Choose a panel that is long enough for two to twelve inches of fabric to pool. You can even choose a panel with a light-blocking lining if you want the room to feel more private.

Taffeta silk curtains are more dense and heavier than Dupioni silk drapes. They have a beautiful sheen and hold their shape beautifully. Taffeta silk drapes are an excellent choice for a formal room as they add a sense of elegance to any room. The DrapeStyle online store carries a selection of colorful silk taffeta curtains.

Full sheet

If you’re in the market for a new living room curtain, a full sheet is a great choice. This simple and timeless design can be found at many retail outlets, such as Walmart. You can find full sheet curtains in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as different price ranges.

Whether you’re going for a farmhouse or a modern look, a living room curtain will transform your space. In addition to enhancing the decor, it will also help your living room look bigger. It can also be used as a divider between two rooms. It can be designed to enclose the windows, but be light enough to let in light.

Choose a length that fits your window frame and the style of your room. Floor length curtains are best for most rooms. You can find panels ranging from 63 to 144 inches long. To choose the perfect length, measure your window from floor to rod height. Adding a few inches to the curtain length will give it a dramatic look.

Wide stripes

If you want to give your living room a fresh look, you can use striped curtains. Stripes are a classic way to make a window look more attractive, and they work well in many different rooms, from kitchens to bathrooms. They’re also a great choice for children’s rooms. For a stylish look in your living room, you might want to choose a curtain with wide stripes in yellow and white.

Wide stripes give a room symmetry and visually reduce the size of a room. They’re ideal for living rooms and dining rooms, since they visually lower the space. Typically, wide stripes are horizontal, since vertical ones look rough and unattractive. You can choose any length or width of stripes, but make sure to consider the room’s decor when choosing a style.

Wide stripes in a living room curtain can create a tall or slim illusion. They’re a great choice for rooms with low ceilings and low walls. Horizontal stripes can be positioned along walls or floors to shorten or lengthen the room.